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Offshore Wind and Wildlife: Opportunities to Get it Right

Host Organization(s): Oceans@Duke

Speaker(s): Doug Nowacek, Kris Ohleth, Giulia Carbone, & Rachel Asante-Owusu

Description: Though it lags behind other areas, the US offshore wind industry is growing quickly with substantial construction set to occur in the coming years.  The potential for impacts to wildlife is important to consider as we strive to responsibly develop this vital renewable energy source.  We will discuss lessons learned from other areas of the world where offshore wind has been extensively developed, and how we can incorporate these lessons with the community of stakeholders in the US to create a responsible supply of clean energy.

Effects of Offshore Wind Farm Structures on Fish Ecology and Benthic Disturbance

Host Organization(s): Tethys

Speaker(s): Rebecca Green & Mark Servery

Description: The SEER team is hosting a series of free, public webinars that present findings from the SEER research briefs and feature panel discussions with subject matter experts, followed by question-and-answer periods. The first webinar covered topics related to: Underwater Noise Effects on Marine Life Associated with Offshore Wind Farms and Risk to Marine Life from Marine Debris and Floating Offshore Wind Cable Systems.

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Quieting Workshop One: Practical Approaches for Reducing Ocean Noise Associated with Offshore Renewable Energy Development

Host Organization(s): GAMeON (Global Alliance for Managing Ocean Noise)

Speaker(s): Howard Rosenbaum, Michael Bellman, Doug Nowacek, & Brandon Southall

Description: Ocean Quieting Workshop One: ‘Practical Approaches for Reducing Ocean Noise Associated with Offshore Renewable Energy Development’ intends to foster a productive setting for stakeholders across international governing bodies, industry leaders, non-governmental organizations, and academia to debate, break down barriers, and ultimately develop data-informed and technologically advanced solutions that fit within a realistic business model and continue to benefit a sustainable blue economy. The focal topics of this workshop includes lessons learned from different projects and experiences and pairing monitoring and mitigation requirements for ongoing developments in science and research. This workshop culminates by identifying and proposing opportunities for actionable next steps.

Oceans@Duke’s Blue Economy Summit

Host Organization(s): Oceans@Duke

Oceans@Duke is an interdisciplinary community of scholars at Duke University working at the intersections of science, governance, and business to promote ocean sustainability. Each year, they host the Blue Economy Summit, which brings together diverse ocean stakeholders from industry, government, non-profits, and academia to identify the most promising opportunities to bring this vision to life.

The Blue Economy Summit creates a collaborative setting where students and professionals can critically reflect on current ocean trends and challenges, facilitate productive conversations, and enable effective ocean stewardship actions. The Summit invites leaders from across sectors and geographies who want to challenge the status quo and explore science-based insights on urgent ocean challenges and opportunities. 

Research & Regulations for Marine Mammal Interactions with Offshore Wind (NYSERDA – Learning from the Experts)

Host Organization(s): NYSERDA

Speaker(s): Doug Nowacek and Nick Sisson 

This webinar is part of the Learning from the Experts series hosted by NYSERDA’s Offshore Wind Team and featuring experts in key offshore wind topics, including wind farm technologies, development practices, regulatory processes, and research initiatives. In this webinar, Douglas Nowacek (Duke’s Nicholas School for the Environment) and Nick Sisson (NOAA Fisheries) will discuss potential risks to marine mammals from offshore wind development, regulatory processes that pertain to interactions with marine mammals, and new research to inform responsible development.

Project WOW x RWSC

Host Organization(s): RWSC

Speaker(s): Emily Shumchenia, Doug Nowacek, Pat Halpin, & Saana Isojunno

The Regional Wildlife Science Collaborative for Offshore Wind (RWSC) invited the public to join a webinar to hear about how RWSC and Project WOW are working together to advance the RWSC Draft Science Plan and Project WOW goals. 

The RWSC Draft Science Plan describes recommendations for data collection, research, and coordination in regards to offshore wind energy. Project WOW serves as a case study for the implementation of the RWSC Draft Science Plan.

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